About Us

St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church was established in 1871 on land deeded through the estate of John Hoffman, Sr. A one-roomed structure facing the Monongalia River was constructed at a later date on the lot deeded by Hoffman. Rev. McKnight was the first pastor.

In 1986, the church underwent renovations due to deterioration of the 115 year-old building. In January 1990, the Official Board met to discuss the need for renovating the church. Several organizations gathered funds to renovate the old building. On May 20, 1990, the members of the church held a rally with the financial goal of $10,000. An appraiser assessed the building shortly thereafter, and it was determined that rebuilding would be an easier solution to renovating. Members of the congregation each pledged a dollar a day for three years with the intent of providing funds for building a new facility. The groundbreaking of the new church occurred June 22, 1991, under the leadership of Rev. Charles Summers. Construction began on the same property as the old building. On March 1992, the doors to the new facility were opened for the first time.

The latest chapters of the history are still being written. In September 2003, the Trustees and the Official Board voted to request a name change from St. Paul AME Church to "Greater" St. Paul AME Church to reflect the awesome work that God is doing among the body of believers.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR ALL HE IS DOING!

The following leaders have provided their leadership and guidance to make Greater St. Paul the treasure that it is today: Reverends Newcomb, Christian, Jackson, Taylor, Richardson, Giles, Chappell, Spillers, Triggs, Eberhardt, Jordan, Stephens, Summers, Walker, Daniels, Dorsey, and Morrow.